Follow the Path of a HODLer: Bitcoin Lessons Learned After 3 Missed Opportunities

• The article is about the author’s experience of missing out on investing in Bitcoin three times before eventually becoming a HODLer.
• He shares his key lessons learned during this journey and encourages others who are still doubting BTC to invest.
• The author explains how he was introduced to Bitcoin by a colleague and how, despite being aware of scams, thought it was worth the gamble.

Bitcoin Introduction

I am one of those who was fortunate enough to find out about Bitcoin more than a decade ago before it gained mainstream attention. Sadly, I am also one of the morons who saw this opportunity, didn’t think too much of it at first and let it fly by. In this little story, I’d like to share the path that led me to pass on investing in bitcoin three different times before eventually giving in and becoming a HODLer.

New Friend & New Knowledge

Given that I started my first full-time job in an online brokerage back in 2011, it wasn’t long before I made a friend named Edgar. We shared some interests, predominantly gaming and our long-standing nicotine addictions. We would often meet up for smoke sessions where we chatted about life, the universe and everything else as we dosed on nicotine and fresh air – during one such session Edgar told me all about Bitcoin, blockchain technology and its potential implications for the financial world. His enthusiasm got me really interested in the topic but due to my financial situation at the time I brushed off any thoughts of investing in BTC.

Scams Awareness

Being well versed with many online scams such as e-gold which seemed similar to Bitcoin at surface level made me doubt its legitimacy even further; however something about Bitcoin felt different than other dubious products so I decided to learn more about it – as I dug deeper into its codebase, whitepaper etc., I soon realized that there was something special here afterall!

Missed Opportunities

Unfortunately by 2012 when 3 million public keys already existed on the network my financial health had significantly worsened so I couldn’t invest even if I wanted to; then again over the years whenever things improved financially for me there were always other more pressing needs or obligations that took precedence over buying Bitcoins – thus resulting in missed opportunities each time until finally around 2017 when crypto markets started booming again after recent crash – this is when i decided not to miss out again!

Lessons Learned

So what are some key lessons from my journey? Firstly never underestimate emerging opportunities just because they don’t fit into your existing paradigm; secondly never overextend yourself financially beyond your comfort zone; lastly don’t wait too long once you have made up your mind or you may end up missing out!