The court decided to unblock the bitcoin exchanger aggregator

On 25 November, the Arkhangelsk Regional Court overturned the decision of the court of first instance to block, an online aggregator of crypt currency exchangers. This was announced by RBC.

A representative of the site said that the blocking should be lifted in the near future. Within two weeks, the aggregator will receive a court order.

Formally, the trial has not been completed. The Kotlas City Court will review the case which was returned to it by the regional court. But the company is confident that the judge will uphold the decision of the higher court.

“The reason for unblocking the website has already been received quite precisely. As long as there are no other court decisions, the website must be unlocked,” said

It should be reminded that Roskomnadzor has repeatedly included the aggregator of cryptovrency exchangers in the list of banned resources since May 2017.

Each time the blockage was cancelled by court order.

In the summer of 2020, the portal again found itself in the register of banned resources for distributing banned information about the possibility of buying bitcoin and paying for certain goods with its help.